Our Origins

I am Donna, the founder and formulator behind the Potion Organic skincare. My path lead me to become a herbal skin specialist through knowledge acquired in extensive research and study. I respect and nurture both ancient traditions as well as intuitive trust when creating formulas with long-lasting efficacy – all inspired by Nature's greatness. 

Donna Pieta – Founder & Creator


Donna the Founder and Creator

Who We Are

In pursuit of a more meaningful connection with ourselves and our environment, we recognize the value of simple solutions that bring about greater change. Our beauty rituals provide an opportunity to focus on self-care, enabling balance in both body and mind. Moreover, there is no denying nature's remarkable therapeutic properties—from plant extracts to natural oils—for restoring harmony within us all. Above it all stands love; a powerful bridge towards understanding one another while manifesting true happiness from inside out.
Potion Organic Products

What Are We all About
By using pure, sustainable ingredients and avoiding 'questionable' ones, our natural products promise to keep your skin balanced and healthy. Our formulations have been scientifically proven for visible results while being gentle on the microbiome and kind to both the ocean and reef life! Suitable even for sensitive skin care needs - we’re dedicated to providing only the best of nature's gifts.